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Peru Day One: Cusco City

Cusco city, known as the “historical capital of Peru” is located in the South East of Peru at close to an elevation of 11,000 ft in the Urumbamba Valley of the Andes mountains. At this elevation, Cusco has 30% less oxygen in the air than where I currently live in Connecticut, USA at ~500 ft elevation. Being a short walk away from many major Inca ruins, and the place where all Inca trail hikers and Machu Picchu visitors start their trip to Peru, Cusco is a very popular tourist destination.

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#1 Question Answered: How I Afford to Travel

This post was featured on Freshly Pressed November 22, 2011!

Image via Google Images. Click for source.

When speaking about where I’m traveling to next, the number one question I’m asked by fellow bloggers, followers, friends, and even family members is: “How the heck do you afford to do all this?” I’d like to take the time to briefly answer this question for anyone who might be wondering, and for anyone who might be looking for ideas on ways to travel cheaply.

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Iceland Day 4 – Reykjavik City

This post was featured on Freshly Pressed March 22!

“MIDBORGIN OKKAR VELKOMIN” a sign states over the entrance to Reykjavik City-Center, as the Icelanders call the main road in Reykjavik, Iceland. This statement is an offer of welcoming, as the saying translates to “Our City, Welcome“.

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Backpacking the Goat Rocks Wilderness

Backpackers Following the Trail hiking toward Mount Rainier in the distance of the Goat Rocks Wilderness.

If you’re into wilderness backpacking and you have not been to the Goat Rocks Wilderness of Washington State, you’re missing out. It is potentially the best backpack I have ever been on (and that includes the one I did in Patagonia, Argentina!). Here, you’ll find long-distance hikers trekking along the Pacific Crest Trail, endless mountain vistas, vast expanses of alpine wildflowers that seem endless before your eyes, and incredible views of glaciers, snow-capped peaks, and even frozen lakes.

Time of Year: Due to the elevation of the Goat Rocks Wilderness, it is recommended to begin your backpack in July. Otherwise, many mountain-side traverses will still be covered in snow and additional safety equipment will be required.

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A Backpacker Treks Past Mt. Rainier in the Goat Rocks Wilderness.


Five Incredible Days In…

Announcing my new post topic: Five Incredible Days In…

Simply click on “Five Incredible Days In…” which will be part of‘s menu, choose the destination, and read about the itinerary of a trip that I took at that destination. Topics will include what worked for that itinerary, what didn’t work, suggested changes, and an opportunity for anyone to ask questions about the destination.

Enjoy photographs of each location and posts which describe the suggested itineraries in-depth. Ask questions and get a well thought-out response back from the author in no time. Have you been to the specific destination before? If so, add your input and suggested changes by leaving a comment in the comments section. The best suggestions will be updated directly into the post with credit given to the author of the comment!

The first “Five Incredible Days In…” article will be on destination ICELAND, as Iceland receives the most daily hits on First post coming soon.

Þingvellir National Park – Remains of Iceland’s Parliament site.


Well Hello Again!

Woah! Its been far too long since my last visit to As many of you probably know, I’ve been focusing on my other blog as of late, , but I’ve been thinking that I’d really like to revive this one. What can I say, I love photography, but when I’m not out shooting something with the camera I’m probably daydreaming about where to travel to next (right now I’m thinking Thailand or Laos) while sitting behind the godforsaken desk at the day job. And that’s what this blog is all about, right? That constant urge to wander across the globe to destinations unknown, and the drive to not only daydream about it, but to make it happen.

I’m here to say, I’m going to be making a constant effort to begin writing on this blog more often. Why? Because when I’m not traveling, provides me with this uncanny connection to people who actually are traveling, and even if I’m not the one out having the time of my life maybe through this blog I can somehow help someone else to have there’s, and if so, then that IS fun. Oh and one more thing: what can I say, I’ve missed you guys.

You may see some changes to the look and design in the near future. One thing I’ve realized is that this website has become very post obese. There are so many articles and posts, many of which are just photographs, that has become relatively difficult to navigate. I’m looking to fix this by combining posts of travel destinations, and leaving the photo-only posts to I’ll be making sections where you can read thoroughly about the trip that I did do at one particular destination, or head over to another section where I’ll try to offer the insider travel tips that I have learned from the road. Who knows, maybe I’ll even make a section where I’ll provide links to external sites where you can get more information on a particular destination, if that’s what you desire.

For me, travel-anything is always fun. And even if the next actual over-seas adventure isn’t in the books for at least a few more months, the arm-chair adventure starts now!

Talk to you all soon,




Last Community Service Announcement

One of my favorite photographs from over at

Hey all followers! This morning  completely took me by surprise by featuring my new blog, NBush Photography as Freshly Pressed. If you haven’t headed over there to check it out yet, maybe this is a sign?? Then again maybe not, but it seems my hard-work in setting it up over the past few days has paid off. 

This is my last reminder from to you (because I think you’re all the greatest!) to go check out my new site. And while you’re there, if you see anything you like, take a quick look around the Etsy Shop. Use promo code “PHOTOS” for 20% off now through 05/08/12!

Thanks again!

Visit NBush Photography here.

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