1st Stop Iceland – Hiking Grábrók Crater

When Florence and I planned our road trip around the Ring Road of Iceland, like many, we decided to start in Reykjavik and follow Highway #1 in a clockwise direction. As we had picked up the camper van towards the end of the day, we needed a place not too far outside of Reykjavik to make our first stop.

If you’ve been a long time reader of this blog, then you know I’ve been to Iceland once before. You also know that I am absolutely obsessed with volcanoes from reading “Why on Earth Would I Want to Go to Iceland?” which I wrote just a few years ago. Since Grábrók craters are located literally right along side Highway #1 and only about 1hr and 24minutes drive North of Reykjavik, this seemed like the ideal place to get out of the van, enjoy a bit of sunset, and look at some pretty darn cool volcanic structures!

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Road Trip: Iceland — Planning and Prepping the Camper

Iceland Road Signs

When I first started this blog, the whole reason was that I was heading to Iceland. I was so excited to be visiting another country by myself. The point of my.travel.map was originally to keep my family and friends up to date with what I was doing on my short journey for a college spring break, after all, they couldn’t seem to understand why I wanted to go to Iceland for spring break in the first place (reason #1 why I went alone). Now that I’ve come back to this blog, I’m excited to say that I’ve returned to Iceland, this time with my fiancé, Florence, for a road trip around the Ring Road over the course of 10-days! My next few posts will be the details of this trip, along with stories and photographs from the journey around Iceland.


I’m lucky in the fact that I’ve found someone to spend the rest of my life with who loves adventure. When I brought up the idea of going to Iceland Florence didn’t even bat an eye before she said yes. And when we came across the idea of renting a camper van (or is it a flower delivery truck? We’ll let you decide) the first thing that she said was “HELL yes!” It was at that moment that we decided to circumnavigate the entire country by following the Ring Road.

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Peru – To the Summit of Wayna Picchu

One of the many switchback staircases along the Wayna Picchu trail

Wayna Picchu (sometimes spelled “Huayna”) is the name of the mountain that towers above Machu Picchu. Many people don’t know that you can hike to the summit of this mountain. I didn’t know until I happened to stumble across it somewhere on the internet, and contacted the company that I hiked the Inca Trail with to find out about the permit required to do this.

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#1 Question Answered: How I Afford to Travel

Image via Google Images. Click for source.

When speaking about where I’m traveling to next, the number one question I’m asked by fellow bloggers, followers, friends, and even family members is: “How the heck do you afford to do all this?” I’d like to take the time to briefly answer this question for anyone who might be wondering, and for anyone who might be looking for ideas on ways to travel cheaply.

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Iceland Day 4 – Reykjavik City

This post was featured on Freshly Pressed March 22!

“MIDBORGIN OKKAR VELKOMIN” a sign states over the entrance to Reykjavik City-Center, as the Icelanders call the main road in Reykjavik, Iceland. This statement is an offer of welcoming, as the saying translates to “Our City, Welcome“.

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How Did I Make This Photograph: Rozenhoedkaai Bruges, Belgium

Brugge Belgium Cityscape Canal Reflection at Night During a Rain Storm

One of the most photographed sites in all of Bruges! Here, the Groenerei and Dijver canals meet, creating a sitting area of incredible beauty. It is believed to have once been a mooring place for merchant ships in the middle ages, and today acts as a point where canal cruises full of tourists set-sail. Yet, just because it’s a bit touristy doesn’t mean it isn’t worth making a photograph of your own! This location provides one of the best vantage points of the belfry in the background with medieval buildings and the canals in the foreground.

How Did I Make This Photograph?

This photograph was particularly difficult to capture due to the fact that it began to downpour as soon as I got the tripod out and mounted the camera! The result was a constant battle between the rain and wiping down the lens element to clear it of water droplets in order to get an exposure long enough to achieve the desired effect.

Gear used to make this photograph:

  • Canon 5DMkIII camera body
  • Canon 17-40f/4L wide-angle zoom lens
  • Tripod

Camera Settings:

  • Exposure: 13sec
  • f/10
  • ISO250
  • @23mm

Even though I was able to keep my lens clear of water droplets for a 13-second exposure, still multiple elements came together to create this image and make it unique to others like it. For example, the motion of the rain blowing and splashing down on the water created a smooth blurred look to the canals, even more-so than they would have been had it not been raining. Yet, because it was so windy, the rain was landing in the water stronger in some places than others, which allowed the camera to pick up more reflection detail of the top of the brick wall at the center of the photograph giving the image an overall eerie almost graveyard look as the viewer’s eyes are drawn to what appear to be upside down crosses. Lastly, also due to the rain, the reflecting orange light surrounding the Belfry in the background was enhanced by the amount of water in the air, making it look as if the light completely wraps around the stone tower in the background.

Without these atmospheric conditions, undoubtedly this photograph would have come out very different…which is just one reason why when you see a photograph you want, yo make you should make it. The conditions necessary to make the photograph you see will probably never happen in the exact way again.

_ _

Hope you enjoyed this post! More content to come soon.

– Nate

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Weekly Photo Challenge: State of Mind

State of Mind: Relax. 

Reading Jockey's Ridge

Florence relaxing by reading a book in the dunes of Jockey’s Ridge State Park, NC, while I run around playing with my camera in the sand.

Jockey’s Ridge truly is a one-of-a kind travel destination on the East Coast of the USA.

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