Born In Alaska: Another Kind of Childhood


Do you remember what you used to do for fun as a child? How about building a tree fort, playing in the sandbox, on the swing set, or having a squirt gun fight with your brothers and sisters? Sure, this Alaskan child is probably too young yet for any of those things, but even at such a young age he certainly doesn’t mind playing among the salmon carcasses while daddy dip-net fishes along the mouth of the Kenai River.


Author: Nathan Bush Wedding Photography

Nathan Bush is an avid traveler, adventurer, and professional wedding and landscape photographer. His absolute favorite pastime is hiking all the while lugging his camera equipment into the backcountry in order to capture beautiful images of the wild. He currently lives in Colorado with his soon to be wife, Florence.

4 thoughts on “Born In Alaska: Another Kind of Childhood”

    1. Thanks Jan, I appreciate your positive feedback. The dip-net fishing at Kenai was an amazing sight, one that everybody should experience at some point in their lives. Thanks for taking the time to view my blog!

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