Alaska Black and Whites




Hopefully you aren’t too sick of Alaska and glacier pictures already (of course not! How could you ever be?!), but I absolutely love these photographs and thought I would share them. Even though they’re black and white I feel that they still capture the natural beauty of Kenai Fjords National Park. Don’t forget to click on them in order to view in a more full size. I hope you enjoy them!


Author: Nathan Bush Wedding Photography

My name is Nathan Bush and I am a loving husband, an avid world traveler, an adventurer, and an off-road and Jeep enthusiast. I began my serious journey into photography in the mountains of Patagonia Argentina where I fell in love with the wilderness world. My passion has taken me to Iceland, Alaska, Peru, Argentina, Belgium, the Netherlands, and countless National Parks.  A good friend once told me I should combine my knack for beautiful landscape photography with capturing the details of their wedding, so I decided to dive right into the challenge. It has been quite a ride from there, and thus today, my passion for photography has evolved to capturing the raw candid emotion and intimate moments involved in wedding photography.

12 thoughts on “Alaska Black and Whites”

  1. Wow! These are fabulous photos! I love glaciers too and have yet to visit Alaska. The shots remind me of Patagonia which I see from your blog that you have visited. I did the Torres del Paine NP (in Chile) and Fitz Roy in Argentina and loved it. If you haven’t been there yet and love glaciers, add it to your list! I will eventually get around to putting some of my pics from those trips on my blog. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures!

    1. Thanks for your positive feedback! Alaska is a great place, but I absolutely loved Patagonia. Patagonia is such a wild place; the openness of the wilderness world down there is breathtaking. I have heard of the Torres del Paine and would love to head back to check that out, however if I were to go back to Patagonia (which certainly will one day) I’d love to go all they way down to Ushuaia. Any city in the middle of the mountains and an ice field like that is certainly worth checking out!

  2. Blackstone and Beloit Glaciers, I assume? You’ve done justice to the beauty here. Marine tours out on Prince William Sound are stunning—especially on a unique sunny day!

    btw, I don’t have experience in travel freelance writing. My advice/background with corporate work. Then, with a portfolio well established, I could bid on national park jobs and RFPs (requests for proposals—check those out). Plus, volunteer to write (for free, sadly) for start-ups and small travel agencies. The irony is that you need that portfolio, and can’t get the work you seek without a portfolio.

    Perhaps a self-supporting blog with thousands of followers might suffice (and does help with word-of-mouth job seeking)… wish I had a magic wand for you.

    (And if I’ve just written that on the wrong blog, my apologies. Using my iPhone because it seems that China is pinging our part of Alaska. Slooooow connectivity, if any!)

    1. Aialik Glacier in Kenai Fjords National Park, however it does look similar to Blackstone. Thanks for the kind words about the photographs. It had been mostly cloudy/misty/rainy for a week and a half (the usual Alaskan summer weather, as you know) but the clouds suddenly parted for that day. I have the photographs in color too so you can see the blue sky, but I really do like them in black and white.

      Oh I see, I must have missunderstood one of our other comment conversations. My mistake, but thanks for the advice anyways!

    1. Preeti,
      Your kind words are very much appreciated. My blog is still relatively new but absolutely feel free to take a look around, I’m glad you enjoy it!

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