Lose (Find) Yourself In the Mountains

A friend checks the map as a storm rolls over the mountains.

 It’s so easy to lose yourself in the mountainous region of Patagonia, Argentina. Spending any amount of time in this breathtaking region of the world results in forgetting about the world back at home– the smog infested cities, the honking horns, or the stranger running into you in the mall without excusing themselves or at least acknowledging your presence. Maybe forgetting about those things isn’t the right word to use. Maybe they become more like a repressed memory, like something you desperately try to escape from. But that’s the beauty of Patagonia, you don’t have to try very hard at all.

Sixty miles away from the nearest city, from the nearest light polluting the night sky and robbing you of the millions of stars that would otherwise shine through the darkness like the nightlight mother nature meant for them to be. Sixty miles away from the nearest stranger who would otherwise give you the finger for driving only slightly over the speed limit, and from the boss at that nuisance we call work who likes to tell you to do this and do that just so he/she could leave the office early for the day. Sixty miles away from all that, and you know what you have to worry about? Nothing. It doesn’t matter if you sleep through your alarm clock because you won’t  have to worry about having enough time to take a shower, eat breakfast, and still beat the rush-hour traffic just to make it to work on time. It doesn’t matter if it suddenly starts to rain because hey, you probably haven’t taken a shower in a couple of days anyway. Best of all, it doesn’t matter if you “accidentally”  become slightly lost because you’re already carrying everything you need to physically survive and there are always new adventures waiting to be had just around the corner.

It’s easy to lose yourself in the mountains– but it’s even easier to find yourself and discover who you really are.

Mt. Golondrinas in the distance - Patagonia, Argentina

Author: Nathan Bush Wedding Photography

My name is Nathan Bush and I am a loving husband, an avid world traveler, an adventurer, and an off-road and Jeep enthusiast. I began my serious journey into photography in the mountains of Patagonia Argentina where I fell in love with the wilderness world. My passion has taken me to Iceland, Alaska, Peru, Argentina, Belgium, the Netherlands, and countless National Parks.  A good friend once told me I should combine my knack for beautiful landscape photography with capturing the details of their wedding, so I decided to dive right into the challenge. It has been quite a ride from there, and thus today, my passion for photography has evolved to capturing the raw candid emotion and intimate moments involved in wedding photography.

14 thoughts on “Lose (Find) Yourself In the Mountains”

  1. This is beautiful. This region has been on my ‘to visit’ list but for now, I’ll have to armchair travel.

    I just loved your description of being away from it all. That is why many of us travel, isn’t it?

    1. Thank you Preeti,
      I first saw Patagonia while watching that TV show “Man vs. Wild” and when I saw how wild and remote it was I knew that I had to go there. It’s an incredible place and I highly recommend it. I’ll certainly be going back. I agree that is certainly why many of us travel.

  2. Awesome post! I completely agree with you and that is why I’ve become a trekking junkie. What National Park are these photos taken in? I’ve been to three different parts of Patagonia but not there. Keep the photos and posts rolling!

    1. Nahuel Huapi National Park by Nahuel Huapi Lake. The closest city (I believe) is Bariloche, Argentina a stunning city located in the middle of the mountains (and also home to the largest ski resort in all of South America – or so I’m told). If you want to get to Bariloche from the states a travel agent has to book the flight for you (stopping in Buenos Aries); for whatever reason the internet flight booking sites can’t book a flight to Bariloche for you. Thanks for your positive comments about my post and I certainly will!

    1. Thanks so much, there isn’t anything quite like the wilderness. I’ve checked out your blog and you do a great job capturing the peace and wonder of the natural world. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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