Alaska Black and Whites (Part II)

Kenai Fjord National Park Mountains


Kenai Fjords National Park Islands
Bear Glacier - Kenai Fjords National Park, AK

I thought I’d share a few more black and white images that I took in Kenai Fjords National Park, Alaska. Although it has already been eight months since I’ve returned from Alaska, I can’t stop looking at the photographs– the mountainous landscapes were absolutely breathtaking.


Author: Nathan Bush Wedding Photography

Nathan Bush is an avid traveler, adventurer, and professional wedding and landscape photographer. His absolute favorite pastime is hiking all the while lugging his camera equipment into the backcountry in order to capture beautiful images of the wild. He currently lives in Colorado with his soon to be wife, Florence.

6 thoughts on “Alaska Black and Whites (Part II)”

    1. Hmmm, I guess that depends on what you’re looking to do. I went for the annual Red Salmon run in July so this is a great fishing time. I also wanted to see a lot of the nature so the Summer months are great because there is 18-20 hours of daylight and you feel as if you can get a lot done in one day. In the middle of Winter, the sun barely ever rises over the horizon so it is dark almost all the time, but I hear the end of Winter is a great time to visit because there is more daylight and you can witness sled-dog races, ice carving competitions, snowmobile races, skiing, etc. Try this website to help you decide when to visit.

      Another thing to note: Alaskan weather in the Summer is usually quite overcast, misty, or rainy. It was like this almost everyday of my visit, but all of my photographs above and in the last black and white post where captured on a miraculous sunny day!

  1. It’s really so great to see these in black and white. Myself, I’m totally a color person, preferably vivid, in-your-face color, but I just love looking at the magic people can create with b+w.
    I think my favorite is the last one – just beautiful!

    1. My favorite is the last as well. I have these photos in color too, but there is something about these mountains in black and white that’s really captivating to me. Thanks for checking them out!

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