In Kenai Fjords National Park, Alaska, nature seems to find a way to coexist with the intrusions of man-made objects.


Author: Nathan Bush Wedding Photography

My name is Nathan Bush and I am a loving husband, an avid world traveler, an adventurer, and an off-road and Jeep enthusiast. I began my serious journey into photography in the mountains of Patagonia Argentina where I fell in love with the wilderness world. My passion has taken me to Iceland, Alaska, Peru, Argentina, Belgium, the Netherlands, and countless National Parks.  A good friend once told me I should combine my knack for beautiful landscape photography with capturing the details of their wedding, so I decided to dive right into the challenge. It has been quite a ride from there, and thus today, my passion for photography has evolved to capturing the raw candid emotion and intimate moments involved in wedding photography.

5 thoughts on “Coexistence”

  1. I have always found it fascinating how nature coexists with what we do to it. Perhaps this is why I love those old tobacco barns found in the Southern states of the US that are disshevled and overgrown—it is a powerful reminder that nature will always take back what belongs to it. This picture captures that same reality. Great image.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I too agree that nature will likely take back what belongs to it, sometimes it just seems like we’re taking faster than it can take back. Better to capture these moments know before they don’t exist anymore.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting,

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