A Bad Day

A local man just having a bad day in the Plaza de Armas, Cusco, Peru. Either that or he is simply very very tired, I’m not sure which, but I snapped the picture anyways.


Author: Nathan Bush Wedding Photography

Nathan Bush is an avid traveler, adventurer, and professional wedding and landscape photographer. His absolute favorite pastime is hiking all the while lugging his camera equipment into the backcountry in order to capture beautiful images of the wild. He currently lives in Colorado with his soon to be wife, Florence.

7 thoughts on “A Bad Day”

    1. Hi Readytochangenow,

      Wow, this might actually be my favorite comment that I have ever received on any of my photographs! I love what you see in this image. Thank you so much for your thoughtful insight.
      – Nate

    1. Thank you jeff. I uploaded this picture but now that I look at it more I think it needs a very slight crop on the left. I’ll have to play around with this when I get home from work later and possibly re-upload haha.

      Oh I think you’re absolutely correct on that one. I really have no idea what that cow outline thing is doing there hah.

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