Alaskan Wolf

Wild Alaskan Wolf

A member of a wild pack of wolves that I saw in Denali National Park, Alaska. A ranger told me the wolves are an extremely rare sight in the park and seemed astonished that I actually saw them, so I was pretty happy to have this opportunity. I’m still kicking myself for making the incredibly poor decision to cut her paws out of the photograph though. I’m not sure why I did that, but I like the photo anyways. Plus, it sparks one helluva memory, and that’s all that matters!


Author: Nathan Bush Wedding Photography

Nathan Bush is an avid traveler, adventurer, and professional wedding and landscape photographer. His absolute favorite pastime is hiking all the while lugging his camera equipment into the backcountry in order to capture beautiful images of the wild. He currently lives in Colorado with his soon to be wife, Florence.

4 thoughts on “Alaskan Wolf”

  1. Great memory is right.

    I feel your pain on the feet thing. I was very fortunate recently to run into a red-tail hawk that was willing to pose for me. I had all the time in the world to frame the shots and still ended up chopping the tail feathers off in about a third of the shots.

    Sometimes the excitement gets the better of me.

    Still a great shot though. To be honest I didn’t really even notice the feet until you mentioned it.

    1. Oh my god, Jeff, I know exactly what you mean! Also in Denali National Park I photographed a juvenile falcon eating a little bird and at the time I thought the shot looked great zoomed in enough to only show the falcon’s head/breast as it eats this dead bird. Not until after I got home that I really wished I didn’t cut any of her out. That (and the wolf above) was before I was really serious about photography though (and before I invested in my nice camera), so I have an excuse, hah! Now I just need to go back to Alaska in hopes to fix the mistakes.

      Thanks for the compliment though! I havn’t had a chance to return to your site to see your snowy owl photographs yet. I’m going to do this tomorrow for sure! Talk to you then,


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