Bird of Prey

A juvenile falcon takes a moment to land right next to me and nibble at a smaller bird clutched in its talons. The talons are my favorite part of this photograph– they look so over-sized for the size of the bird. 

Photograph taken in Denali National Park, Alaska.


Author: Nathan Bush Wedding Photography

Nathan Bush is an avid traveler, adventurer, and professional wedding and landscape photographer. His absolute favorite pastime is hiking all the while lugging his camera equipment into the backcountry in order to capture beautiful images of the wild. He currently lives in Colorado with his soon to be wife, Florence.

8 thoughts on “Bird of Prey”

    1. Hi Max,

      I was beyond surprised. It blew my mind that something so wild would come so close to me. But that’s Denali National Park for you. The wildlife there doesn’t know that humans could be considered a threat. It’s a great place.

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