50 Days In The Wilderness: Now Back To Civilization


Here I sit at the airport in North Carolina, fully-bearded and probably smelling like clothes that have not been washed by means other than becoming dampened by the rain or the slightly polluted river, and re-sun-dried while climbing an open rock face again and again and again for the past 50 days.

Living simply in the woods for so long with nothing on my mind and not a moment’s care for the chaotic happenings of the “real” world still driving forward around me has been an incredible experience yet again.

I recall a moment where I was paddling down a section of the French Broad River, crossing the North Carolina and Tennessee state boarders, and practically tip-toeing past a busy town as if I wasn’t there at all. To my left: car horns squealed, town clocks chimed noon, and sirens screamed in the distance. To my right: overgrown trees and thickets sagged into the river, ospreys soared over the trees scouting out an early lunch, and the wind whispered over the silence of the wilderness.

With a brisk paddle stroke and a brief splash of the river, I turned the canoe to the right – a choice I’ll make every time.

I can’t wait to share lots of stories and photographs (some of which I consider the most beautiful photographs I’ve ever taken) with everyone! Coming soon.

Right now: a plane ride back to Connecticut. Talk to you all soon!

– Nate


Author: Nathan Bush Wedding Photography

My name is Nathan Bush and I am a loving husband, an avid world traveler, an adventurer, and an off-road and Jeep enthusiast. I began my serious journey into photography in the mountains of Patagonia Argentina where I fell in love with the wilderness world. My passion has taken me to Iceland, Alaska, Peru, Argentina, Belgium, the Netherlands, and countless National Parks.ย  A good friend once told me I should combine my knack for beautiful landscape photography with capturing the details of their wedding, so I decided to dive right into the challenge. It has been quite a ride from there, and thus today, my passion for photography has evolved to capturing the raw candid emotion and intimate moments involved in wedding photography.

20 thoughts on “50 Days In The Wilderness: Now Back To Civilization”

  1. Welcome back to civilization! Now go take a shower, I can smell you from here ๐Ÿ˜€

    Can’t wait to see the photos too. With a lead in like that I hope it’s soon!

    1. Hey Jeff! I honestly wouldn’t be very surprised if you could haha. I think I left a stank trail through the airport and probably even in the atmosphere where the plane flew. No worries though, it should clear in about 1,000 years.

      I’ll be emailing you soon to plan for the next month or so if you are still interested! Talk to you in a bit,


      1. I’ve been camping for four days without a shower, I can only imagine 50.

        Of course I’m still up for a photo outing! Let me know when you are going to be in the area. Memorial Day weekend is the only time I know I can’t do it. Other than that I’m pretty flexible as long as I can give my wife some warning.

      2. I got to shower 3 times total over the 50 days haha. I think I’m going to be going even longer without a shower this summer when I’m roaming around Olympic and North Cascades National Park.
        Check your email!
        – Nate

    1. Hey Thirdeyemom,
      It was a pretty great trip. I can’t wait to return to your blog to see what adventures of yours I missed out on.
      – Nate

  2. I remember the last time you wrote here you said that you won’t be blogging for a few weeks. Now you have returned and I can’t wait for your pictures and stories!

    1. Hey Bama! It’s awesome to know I have such loyal and awesome followers. I’m sure I missed out on some amazing posts of your own. Will be checking those out very soon for sure!
      Talk to you soon,


    1. Oh yeah, I think I sucked down that Iced-Coffee faster than anything I’ve ever had to drink before. What can I say, coffee was very high on the list of things missed ๐Ÿ˜›
      Thanks for continuing to follow my blog!
      – Nate

    1. Hahaha, yeah. It is nice to be back to see some family (not to mention having a computer to talk to you guys!), but other than that I’d rather be out there. Only 45 days until I head out again though!
      – Nate

  3. Well, I’m certainly glad you’re back!! Although I am excited for the next chapter of your life beginning, too. Thank goodness for technology to stay in touch!
    Love MOM

    1. Wow, that’s quite the journey. When you write the book about how you walked on water across the Pacific I’ll be the first to buy it!
      ๐Ÿ˜› I’m just kidding. Go CT!
      – Nate

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