Weekly Photo Challenge: State of Mind

State of Mind: Relax. 

Reading Jockey's Ridge

Florence relaxing by reading a book in the dunes of Jockey’s Ridge State Park, NC, while I run around playing with my camera in the sand.

Jockey’s Ridge truly is a one-of-a kind travel destination on the East Coast of the USA.


Spider Web in the Early Morning

Click image for full-size!

A spider web full of dew, catching and reflecting the early morning’s light.


The Motions of Water

I have lots of random errands to run today (family to see, beard-trimmer to buy) so let me leave you with what is probably my favorite photograph of water that I took on my trip to the wilderness of North Carolina. Taken without a tri-pod (but really wishing I had one), I love the colors and lighting in this photograph. Photography lesson learned: always carry a tri-pod; at least a mini one. It is worth the extra weight.

Bird of Prey

A juvenile falcon takes a moment to land right next to me and nibble at a smaller bird clutched in its talons. The talons are my favorite part of this photograph– they look so over-sized for the size of the bird. 

Photograph taken in Denali National Park, Alaska.

Alaskan Wolf

Wild Alaskan Wolf

A member of a wild pack of wolves that I saw in Denali National Park, Alaska. A ranger told me the wolves are an extremely rare sight in the park and seemed astonished that I actually saw them, so I was pretty happy to have this opportunity. I’m still kicking myself for making the incredibly poor decision to cut her paws out of the photograph though. I’m not sure why I did that, but I like the photo anyways. Plus, it sparks one helluva memory, and that’s all that matters!

Ancient Inca Lawn Mower

Ever wonder how the grass on all of the Inca ruin terraces stays so well-groomed? I caught one of the elusive Inca lawn mowers on camera as it set to work trimming the grass on one of the terraces of an Inca ruin along the Inca Trail. Do you see the ancient staircase that the Incas would have used in order to bring their crops from one terrace to the next? Although this one has been tagged for research purposes, wild alpaca/ llamas may be seen grooming the ruins both along the Inca Trail and at Machu Picchu.