Spider Web in the Early Morning

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A spider web full of dew, catching and reflecting the early morning’s light.



You May Be Tempted To Camp Here…

Maple Camp Bald - Mt. Mitchell, NC

You may be tempted to camp here…

I know I was, and I did. But what really makes a good campsite? Is it the gorgeous once-in-a-lifetime evening light views? Is it the view of the hidden city-lights as they pop-up all over the valley like fireflies in the distance when the sun goes down? Or is it the fact that you’re simply looking for a spot on the mountain, perched up high on the ridgeline so that you can overlook everything below while thinking, “One day, all this will be mine…” in a voice that sounds eerily like Mufasa’s from The Lion King?

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Blogger Shout-Outs!

This morning I’d like to send a few shout-outs to fellow bloggers and internet friends. While I have been away wandering on the road traveling, living like a bum in the wilderness without technology, and basically finding any excuse to remain separated from the constant chaotic motions of the “real” world, these bloggers have been nice enough to nominate me for the Versatile Blogger Award; an award created by bloggers for bloggers as a way to share the works of others with more of the blogging community. I highly appreciate every single time someone likes my.travel.map enough to offer a link to me from their site; a place that is certainly very personal and important to them. I thank each and every one of you for accepting my.travel.map as deserving of this nomination and, more importantly, deserving of a recommendation from your own blog.

Lushlili http://lushlili.com/ – A well-written blog about fashion and a good place to go to find tips on savings.

Jeff Sinon Photographyhttp://jeffsinonphotography.wordpress.com/ – An amazing artist whose nature photography inspires me every time I look at his blog. Check this out, it is very much worth it!

Adventure-mumhttp://adventure-mum.com/ – A very well-rounded blog offering stories and photographs from some amazing travel destinations that are well worth reading. Plus, a genuine love for elephants, what more do you need?

The Eco and The Idhttp://ailsapm.wordpress.com/ – A blog about gardening, nature, photography, and wildlife. If you’re into any of these topics, click the link to the left and take some time to read through some fantastic articles and photographs.

Mother, Beader and Coffee Lover…http://jenbeads.wordpress.com/ – An honest blog about just about anything. Living life and loving life from a woman who seems to have done it all.

Of Making Sensehttp://cathyespiritu.wordpress.com/ – A young wanderer like myself, and a great writer. Constant blog updates and a great read.

On The Road Again – http://intherainandsun.wordpress.com/about/ – A travel blog full of stories and experiences from the road.

Becoming Madamehttp://becomingmadame.wordpress.com/about/ – A blog about what it is like to move to a new country and becoming a resident in that country (Paris, France in this case).

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The Motions of Water

I have lots of random errands to run today (family to see, beard-trimmer to buy) so let me leave you with what is probably my favorite photograph of water that I took on my trip to the wilderness of North Carolina. Taken without a tri-pod (but really wishing I had one), I love the colors and lighting in this photograph. Photography lesson learned: always carry a tri-pod; at least a mini one. It is worth the extra weight.

50 Days In The Wilderness: Now Back To Civilization


Here I sit at the airport in North Carolina, fully-bearded and probably smelling like clothes that have not been washed by means other than becoming dampened by the rain or the slightly polluted river, and re-sun-dried while climbing an open rock face again and again and again for the past 50 days.

Living simply in the woods for so long with nothing on my mind and not a moment’s care for the chaotic happenings of the “real” world still driving forward around me has been an incredible experience yet again.

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Saying Goodbye to that Dreadful Corporate Job and Living the Dream

If you’re a longtime reader of this blog, you’ll probably remember the post called My Next Step which I wrote a long time ago after returning from a wilderness backpacking trip in Patagonia Argentina. For reasons unknown to me, that post has actually been one of the more popular of the many posts on this blog (maybe I’m just super awesome at search engine optimization, eh? :D) (yeah, right). Anyways, if you remember that post, then you know I basically created a series of goals to get to me to where I wanted to go, which in the long run was to quit my corporate job to become an outdoor educator. You could say things didn’t go exactly as planned, but hey, nothing ever really goes to plan now does it. But I’d say it came pretty freakin’ close!

The other day I quit my corporate job as an Assistant Store Manager at an AT&T store. While this was not by any means a bad job, it just wasn’t my style. I seemed to always find myself stuck sitting behind a desk on a nice day, monotonously staring at the computer screen in front of me– drool dripping from the corner of my mouth. I finally called it quits, but don’t worry, not before finding something else. Continue reading “Saying Goodbye to that Dreadful Corporate Job and Living the Dream”

The Innovative Inca People

Inca Staircase

While hiking the Inca Trail is undoubtedly a great experience for the breathtaking landscapes that you encounter, one of the best parts about the trail is stopping at four other Inca ruins before Machu Picchu. By doing this, and walking around all of them, you notice simple things that the Incas were able to create in order to make their everyday lives easier. Take the staircase shown above for example. A simple staircase like this took careful planning because it was built jutting straight out of the stone wall and would have been done during the process of building the actual wall. This staircase in particular made it easier for the Inca people to climb from a little garden area back to the main portion of their town. Continue reading “The Innovative Inca People”