Weekly Photo Challenge: State of Mind

State of Mind: Relax. 

Reading Jockey's Ridge

Florence relaxing by reading a book in the dunes of Jockey’s Ridge State Park, NC, while I run around playing with my camera in the sand.

Jockey’s Ridge truly is a one-of-a kind travel destination on the East Coast of the USA.


Road Trip: Iceland — Planning and Prepping the Camper

Iceland Road Signs

When I first started this blog, the whole reason was that I was heading to Iceland. I was so excited to be visiting another country by myself. The point of my.travel.map was originally to keep my family and friends up to date with what I was doing on my short journey for a college spring break, after all, they couldn’t seem to understand why I wanted to go to Iceland for spring break in the first place (reason #1 why I went alone). Now that I’ve come back to this blog, I’m excited to say that I’ve returned to Iceland, this time with my fiancé, Florence, for a road trip around the Ring Road over the course of 10-days! My next few posts will be the details of this trip, along with stories and photographs from the journey around Iceland.


I’m lucky in the fact that I’ve found someone to spend the rest of my life with who loves adventure. When I brought up the idea of going to Iceland Florence didn’t even bat an eye before she said yes. And when we came across the idea of renting a camper van (or is it a flower delivery truck? We’ll let you decide) the first thing that she said was “HELL yes!” It was at that moment that we decided to circumnavigate the entire country by following the Ring Road.

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Backpacking the Goat Rocks Wilderness

Backpackers Following the Trail hiking toward Mount Rainier in the distance of the Goat Rocks Wilderness.

If you’re into wilderness backpacking and you have not been to the Goat Rocks Wilderness of Washington State, you’re missing out. It is potentially the best backpack I have ever been on (and that includes the one I did in Patagonia, Argentina!). Here, you’ll find long-distance hikers trekking along the Pacific Crest Trail, endless mountain vistas, vast expanses of alpine wildflowers that seem endless before your eyes, and incredible views of glaciers, snow-capped peaks, and even frozen lakes.

Time of Year: Due to the elevation of the Goat Rocks Wilderness, it is recommended to begin your backpack in July. Otherwise, many mountain-side traverses will still be covered in snow and additional safety equipment will be required.

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A Backpacker Treks Past Mt. Rainier in the Goat Rocks Wilderness.

Photograph Collection: 2011 Travels

I put together a small collection of my favorite photographs from my travels during 2011. I think this is a great way to look back on the previous year, and to look forward to what’s yet to come. I hope you enjoy these photographs as much as I do:

Mt. Washington winter ascent, January 2011
Icelandic winter landscape, March 2011


When you return from a vacation to find yourself rummaging through all of your photographs, you’re bound to find that one photograph that stands out from all the others. It’s the one photograph that made the entire trip worth going on, and the one photograph that you’ll continue to turn to for many years to come as a reminder of what that trip was like.

For me, the above photograph is that photograph from my trip to Peru. There’s not a landscape I love more than the mountains, and for me, the clouds above the peak really make this. It was the perfect moment at the perfect place along the Day Two hike of the Inca Trail. I certainly took a few moments longer than necessary to catch my breath here.


Peru – The Inca Trail Day One: “Training Day”

The Inca Trail hiking crew

We thought we were ready. But, honestly, I don’t think any of us knew what we were in for. To get to the spot shown above requires a two – three-hour bus trip through the Peruvian countryside. This ride was beautiful, and is actually one of my fondest memories from my trip to Peru, but during this time we also had a lot of time to speak with our guides about what the following days would entail.

They call Day One the “Training Day.”

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Iceland – An Otherworldly Landscape

The Icelandic landscape is so otherworldly that I can post photographs of this strange place all day. I find that I can’t stop looking at the following three images as a constant reminder of how different  the landscape was compared to where I am at home. 


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