Plaza de Armas, Vintage- Peru

I’ve been experimenting with a few different ways to postprocess photographs in LR3. Here, I portray the Plaza de Armas in Peru as “NYC Vintage.” Overall I think I really like the effect. But more importantly, what do you think?

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The Innovative Inca People

Inca Staircase

While hiking the Inca Trail is undoubtedly a great experience for the breathtaking landscapes that you encounter, one of the best parts about the trail is stopping at four other Inca ruins before Machu Picchu. By doing this, and walking around all of them, you notice simple things that the Incas were able to create in order to make their everyday lives easier. Take the staircase shown above for example. A simple staircase like this took careful planning because it was built jutting straight out of the stone wall and would have been done during the process of building the actual wall. This staircase in particular made it easier for the Inca people to climb from a little garden area back to the main portion of their town. Continue reading “The Innovative Inca People”

Ancient Inca Lawn Mower

Ever wonder how the grass on all of the Inca ruin terraces stays so well-groomed? I caught one of the elusive Inca lawn mowers on camera as it set to work trimming the grass on one of the terraces of an Inca ruin along the Inca Trail. Do you see the ancient staircase that the Incas would have used in order to bring their crops from one terrace to the next? Although this one has been tagged for research purposes, wild alpaca/ llamas may be seen grooming the ruins both along the Inca Trail and at Machu Picchu.

It’s a 4-Star Hotel…It’s a Bed and Breakfast…No– It’s Actually a Hostel

So, for all of you travelers out there that say you’ll never stay in anything less than a 4-star hotel…well, its time to have your eyes opened.

A private bedroom in a hostel in Lima, Peru

I had the opportunity to stay in the nicest hostel that I have ever seen when I stopped in Lima on my way back to the United States from Cusco, Peru. Now, if you’re already thinking negative thoughts because I mentioned the word hostel, well, to put it bluntly, you’re already wrong. I realize that some people have absolutely no idea what a hostel is actually like, which is part of the reason I wrote this post after staying in a very nice hostel in Bariloche, Argentina. If you’ve never stayed in a hostel before, I invite you to please check out that article which compares the amenities of a hostel with those of a 3-star hotel.

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Peru – To the Summit of Wayna Picchu

One of the many switchback staircases along the Wayna Picchu trail

Wayna Picchu (sometimes spelled “Huayna”) is the name of the mountain that towers above Machu Picchu. Many people don’t know that you can hike to the summit of this mountain. I didn’t know until I happened to stumble across it somewhere on the internet, and contacted the company that I hiked the Inca Trail with to find out about the permit required to do this.

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